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5 Factors to Help You Decide Where to Study for Your MBA in London

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Whether you are looking to kick-start your career or further your education, the decision to pursue a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) can be a rewarding one. The challenge, however, lies in deciding where to study for it.

Top three reasons for studying an MBA in London

Top three reasons for studying an MBA in London

There are many reasons to study for an MBA. These include personal fulfillment, career growth and life experience. London, besides its prestigious schools and qualifications, has so much more to offer to make your MBA education worth the investment. To find out what our students were looking for from their study experience, we asked them why they chose to study an MBA in London. Many answers we predicted – some we didn’t. Beyond the more obvious answers related to career growth and progression, we have compiled the top three.

How a fast-track MBA can take international students further for less

fast track mba

A fast-track MBA is one of the preferred routes for international graduates and working professionals intending to pursue an MBA qualification. This is because, by factoring in past experience and work expertise, it allows you to skip a good part of the MBA programme, landing you straight onto the final leg of the course. This final journey comprises the last modules generally taught in an MBA programme, sparing you the time, effort and expense of studying the entire course from beginning to end.

UK visa requirements get tougher for foreign students aiming to study a BA, MA or MBA in London

mba courses london

As a foreign student wishing to study in the UK, the immigration rules can be daunting not just in their restrictions, but due to the fact that they are often changing. Last year the UKBA, the British agency in charge of immigration, tightened its rules to combat ongoing fraud and the growing number of illegal immigrants. Among the changes was the introduction of a new credibility test, now required before a UK Visa can be approved.

LSM students excel at Anglia Ruskin Universities’ BA, MA and MBA programmes

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At London School of Marketing, we have never settled for status quo when it comes to excellence and performance.  We have a long history of successful alumni behind us and continue to help our students perform better than the industry average. The latest results demonstrate the hard work of our students, and our team who work just as hard to support them.

Benefits and drawbacks of a part time MBA

part time MBA

If you are thinking about studying for a part time MBA, you likely know that it is fast becoming a popular study option for those who want to continue working full time while studying on weekends or evenings. Part time studies, however, come with a number of pros and cons that you may want

MBA courses in London: is the investment worth it?

MBA courses in London

London has long been recognised as one of the most influential and highly regarded education destinations in the world.  A growing number of institutions, offering a broad range of academic and professional courses in London, serve to reinforce the city’s rightful place on the world map of post-secondary education. It comes as no surprise then that more international students are opting for a London-based qualification despite its inherent costs.

Fast track your career with a fast track MBA

fast track MBA from LSM

If you are seeking an MBA to boost your career prospects, there are a number of barriers that can stand in your way. These include the direct cost of the courses themselves, as well as the indirect cost incurred by taking time out of the workforce.  Adding to the frustration, many business professionals have gained a great deal of hands-on experience or previous academic knowledge that can be duplicated in expensive and time consuming MBA modules. Fortunately, there is a solution. These days, a host of MBA courses have been designed to suit your needs. 

LSM marks another successful year offering MA & MBA courses in London

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Last Thursday was the time to celebrate for 283 students who graduated from Anglia Ruskin University at the Chelmsford Campus in London. The one and a half hour ceremony served as a unique and memorable event for students who completed the MBA, MA in Marketing and Innovation and BA (Hons) offered through London School of Marketing.

The 7 stages of writing a research proposal for your fast track MBA course

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Conducting research is an essential part of studying on an MBA course. It is also an important skill to have when studying across a broad range of other courses, and can be extremely useful outside of education, too. Essentially, a research proposal is a document produced by a researcher which provides a description of the research that they are proposing to undertake. On marketing and business MBA courses, this document will then be submitted to the relevant awarding body. While a research proposal is a requirement for most MBA courses, they also serve as an effective way to work through an idea and understand its nuances.

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